5 DIY Motorcycle Maintenance Projects You Can Do at Home

Man changing the oil in his motorcycle.

Do you want to keep your bike in like-new condition, but don’t know where to begin? There are several DIY motorcycle maintenance projects that even beginners can do at home! Basic maintenance items like changing the oil, cleaning or replacing the filters, checking the tire pressure, and lubing the motorcycle chain can give you peace of mind that your bike is in good riding condition. Read on to learn about five basic maintenance projects you can do at home! 

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Keep Your Bike in Tip-Top Shape with These DIY Motorcycle Maintenance Projects 

1. Change the Oil 

Regularly changing your bike’s oil is the single-mostimportant motorcycle maintenance item. The right amount of clean oil ensures that your bike will run smoothly for miles to come. Here’s a helpful article on tips for changing the oil in your motorcycleThe frequency that you need to change your oil depends on the oil you use and how often you ride the bike. Remember to always check your owner’s manual for oil and mileage specifications. However, PJ1 Silverfire 4T Motorcycle Oil is a great choice for most bikes! 

2. Clean the Air Filter 

Air filters keep dirt, debris, and other pollutants out of your bike’s main operational components. They’re also the easiest to change in your garage! There are three types of air filters including paper, fabric, and foam. Fabric and foam filters are the easiest to clean because they aren’t susceptible to tearing like paper filters. A good rule of thumb is to clean your air filter every 10,000 miles or less. When you’re ready to tackle this job, check out PJ1’s Air Filtration Products! 

3. Check the Tire Pressure 

Checking your bike’s tire pressure is another routine maintenance tip for motorcycles. Keeping the correct amount of pressure in your tires is essential for a smooth, safe ride. All you need to check your tire pressure is an air pressure gauge. Insert the gauge into the valve stem to read your tires’ current air pressure. Your bike’s ideal air pressure should be printed on the sidewall of your tire. If you need to add more air, head to the nearest gas station to fill using an air compressor! 

4. Lube the Motorcycle Chain 

Motorcycle chains need proper tension for quiet, safe performance. If the chain is too tight, it will quickly stretch and wear the teeth down on the sprockets. If the chain is too loose, it will flop as you drive and could shear off teeth or break due to the slack. On a street bike, we recommend lubing the bike chain every 500-1,000 miles, depending on your riding habits and environment. We recommend PJ1 Black Label Chain Lube for the job! 

5. Restore Your Bike’s Exterior 

Mechanical maintenance is key for your safety and peace of mind while riding. However, you probably want your bike to look like it’s new, too. Restoring your motorcycle is another great DIY project to tackle at home! Customizing a bike to your style is one of the most exciting parts of owning a motorcycle! For DIY custom motorcycle paint projects, it’s important to get the paint right, focus on your prep work, and get a clean environment to work in. Before you begin, browse our PJ1 Coatings and PJ1 Primers!   

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Now that you know what you need to complete these projects, let’s get started! From mechanical to cosmetic maintenance, there’s a wide range of motorcycle maintenance items that you can complete at home. Choose the project or projects that your bike needs most, then browse the PJ1 Online Store to select the product that’s right for your DIY motorcycle maintenance project!