How to Choose the Best 2-Stroke Oil for Your Motorbike

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Picking the best 2-stroke oil can be a tricky task. No matter your riding style or frequency, the right oil can make a big difference in the performance and longevity of your bike. Quality oils bring two things to the table. First, a high-quality oil has the correct surface tension and adhesion to leave a film on the inside of your motor after shutdown. This oil film will help keep corrosion down on the inside of your engine. Similarly, the proper additives help reduce corrosion during use and idle times. Besides reducing engine wear, the best 2-stroke oils can increase horsepower. PJ1 Goldfire Pro 2T Racing Oil is specially designed to produce less drag in your motor free up more power to turn your rear wheel! 

PJ1 Goldfire Pro 2T Racing Oil 

Your Guide to Using the Best 2-Stroke Oil for Your Motorcycle 

What’s the Best 2-Stroke Oil? 

PJ1 Goldfire Pro 2T Racing Oil is the best 2-stroke oil you can get for your motorcycle. It’s specifically designed for avid racers that require maximum power from their motor and still want the best protection. 

This product offers maximum projection even at higher temperatures during the race. It will also inhibit rust and oxidation that can form while your bike sits waiting for the next race. Using our product regularly will also prevent sludge build-up and varnish formation in your carburetor and motor.   

What Are the Benefits of 2-Stroke Oil? 

Here are some of the benefits of using 2-stroke engine oil: 

  1. Low smoke 
  1. Good piston ring lubrication 
  1. No carbon deposits 
  1. Longer crankshaft life 
  1. Higher power 

Does 2-Stroke Oil Smoke?  

While a bit of smoke used to have been some of the allure of a 2-stroke engine, we now know you can have long engine life without the smoke. Some manufacturers reduce smoke by lowering the lubricating ability of the oil, so make sure you pick an excellent smokeless 2-stroke oil like PJ1 Silverfire Smokeless 2T Premix Oil. This oil is a low-ash formula but still has a high film strength for lubrication. 

How to Use PJ1 Goldfire Pro 2T Racing Oil  

Using PJ1 Goldfire Pro 2T Racing Oil in the proper ratio will keep your engine running smoothly for a long time. Getting the ratio correct requires the right tools and some simple math. The right tools can be anything from a simple glass kitchen measuring cup to a specifically designed mixing container. The key is to make sure you’ve got a clean container, the right oil, and the correct oil ratio to gasoline! 

PJ1 Goldfire Pro 2T Racing Oil 

4 responses to “How to Choose the Best 2-Stroke Oil for Your Motorbike

  1. BUB who makes after market Harley exhausts systems has the 50cc (3) cubic inch .Land speed record using Redline 2 stroke oil ! He could use any brand that he wanted . I know a guy who keep putting more and more 2 stroke in a 4 stroke engine until it fouled a plug 16/1 it keep getting more horsepower on the Dino

  2. Hello,  I recently read your article on 2 strok oil . Can you reccomend a good 2 cycle oil for a 1967 harley davidson golf cart. It’s a low reving air cooled two stroke engine. Oils have changed so much since 1967. Do I want a regular,  partial synthetic or full? The guy I bought the cart from was using TCW3 Penzoil marine oil. What are some specific oils you would reccomend?

  3. PJ1 Goldfire Pro 2T Racing Oil, will this be a good oil to use in a 23cc tuned Rc car ? If so how many ML to a litre do you recommend please

    1. Ryan-

      Yes, the PJ1 Golfire Pro 2T Oil is safe and compatible to use in your RC car. Feel free to contact our technical support line at 888-863-0426 with any other questions.

      Thank you!


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