Skip the Shop! Here Are 5 Motorcycle Service Items You Can Do Yourself

Man's hands working on a motorcycle engine.

Motorcycle owners know that keeping your bike in pristine condition can take a lot of time and money. And, when it comes to your bike, there’s no room to skimp on quality maintenance. Who says you must go to a shop to get high-quality motorcycle service? There are several motorcycle service items that you can do from the comfort of your garage! All you need is the information in this blog and the right PJ1 Product. Browse our recommended PJ1 Products for each service item below! 

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5 Motorcycle Service Items You Can Do at Home 

1. Change the Oil 

Changing your motorcycle oil is the No. 1 service item for keeping your bike in good condition. Unlike cars, there’s no hard-and-fast rule about how often to change your motorcycle oil. For bikes, it depends on a couple of factors, like how often and over what type of terrain you ride. However, safe bet is to change your motorcycle oil every 5,000 to 6,000 miles, or at least once per year, no matter what the oil level is. 

When it comes to changing the oil in your bike, we always recommend referencing your service manual to see what oil the manufacturer recommends. If your owner’s manual suggests API SE, SF, SG, or SH 10W30, 10W40, 20W40, 20W50, consider PJ1 Silverfire Petroleum 4T Motor Oil or PJ1 Goldfire Synthetic 4T Motor Oil. Both are specially formulated for 4-stroke motorcycles and small engines. 

2. Clean the Air Filter 

Air filters play an important role in the health of your motorcycle. The air filter blocks dirt and particle-sized debris from entering the engine, allowing your bike to operate at maximum efficiencyYou can visually inspect your bike’s air filter after each ride to see how quickly it gets dirty. When it’s time for a cleaning, reach for PJ1 Air Filter Cleaner. Our easy spray-on, wash-off formula only takes 15 minutes to work its magic! 

3. Perform Brake Cleaning 

Brakes are the single-most-important safety feature of any motorcycle. We recommend checking your brake pads and other components every 6,000 to 9,000 miles. When it’s time to clean your bike’s brakes, use PJ1 Pro Brake Cleaner. This cleaner works by removing harmful contaminants from motorcycle disc or drum brake components by cleaning, degreasing, and evaporating to leave no residue for a clean, dry surface.  

4. Check the Tire Pressure 

Your motorcycle wouldn’t be very useful or effective without its tires. Naturally, checking the tire pressure on your bike’s tires is one of the most important motorcycle maintenance items. It’s also one of the easiest! Simply insert an air pressure gauge into your bike’s valve system to read the tire pressure. You can tell if it’s low by the numbers printed on the sidewall of your tire. If it’s low, head to the nearest gas station to fill up!  

5. Clean the Electrical Components 

It’s important to know which cleaning products to use on certain parts of your bike. For example, the brake parts cleaner mentioned above will help wheels and motors look great, but can cause painted surfaces and rubber to fade and peel. Electrical components require special cleaners for this very reason.  

PJ1 Pro Contact Cleaner is our specially formulated cleaner designed to remove even the most stubborn carbon on multiple electronic components without damaging or hurting the electronics.  It’s aggressive enough to be used on spark plugs, yet gentle enough for the stator on your bike’s generator. 

Perform Routine Motorcycle Service at Home with PJ1 Products 

Now that you know what you need to perform some of the most common motorcycle maintenance items at home, it’s time to get to work! Search our blog for how-tos and best practices on DIY motorcycle maintenance. Then, find the right product for your job at our online store. Servicing your motorcycle at home can save you money, improve your handiwork, and help keep your bike in good condition, so you can hit the road with confidence! 

Browse a full inventory of PJ1 Products to complete these motorcycle service items at home! 

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