How Do You Clean a Foam Filter

dirt bike, foam filterA foam filter is one of the best options to run on a performance engine in a dusty environment.  That’s why every dirt bike I’ve ever ridden has had a foam filter, but these types of filters aren’t just for your dirt bike.  If you look hard enough you can find a foam filter, sometimes called a pod filter for your performance car, street bike, side by side, or ATV.  The benefit of a foam filter, if it is cared for properly, is great airflow along with proper filtration.

Assuming you don’t just let your dirt bike or other toys just sit in your garage, it won’t be long before you have to clean your foam filter.  If you ride in dirt, mud or even gravel we recommend cleaning your filter after every ride on the track or trail.  If you keep your foam filter charged vehicle on the road we recommend cleaning it every 1500-2500 miles or after the filter gets visibly dirty.

The best place to start is with the best value in foam filter care, a Filter Care Kit from PJ1.  This 2 part kit will allow you to clean the filter without destroying it and re-oil the filter to keep from destroying your motor.

PJ1 Foam Filter Cleaner is a spray-on wash off cleaner. Say goodbye to the days of soaking your filter and hoping you remember to wash it and re-oil it before your next ride.  Also, soaking your filter in gasoline or solvent can quickly dissolve the glues holding your filter together.  Not only does this shorten the life of your filter, but it can also be very dangerous to your motor since the filter could fall apart during a ride leaving your motor open to breathe in dirt and water.

Now that your filter is as good as new, PJ1 Foam Air Filter oil will help you keep your engine running like new.  If sand and dust enter your engine they can score valves and seats as well as your cylinder wall reducing compression and performance quickly.   PJ1 Foam Air Filter Oil is extremely tacky so once it’s applied evenly to your filter the sand and grit will be attracted to the oil where it is trapped and not allowed into your engine.  It also is water-resistant which will keep your engine safe from getting hydro locked.

PJ1 Foam Filter Kit is the best value in keeping your engine and air filter in like-new condition no matter where you ride!

Photo by Marcos Moraes on Unsplash