Do I Need Fuel Injector or Carburator Cleaner?

injector cleaner, carburetor cleanerMost likely yes.  Aksing if you need fuel injector cleaner or carburetor cleaner is like asking if your refrigerator needs to be cleaned out.  It’s probably working ok like it is but you could really use the extra room if you cleaned out those 3 expired bottles of ranch and the month-old leftovers.  The fuel system in your bike is the same in that just because it seems to work ok doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be doing better.  This is especially true in carburated bikes as your bike could be running extremely lean and there is no check engine light to tell you something is wrong.

Whether your bike is fuel injected or carburated, the goal is the same.  To mix the right amount of fuel with the air getting sucked into the motor.  This fuel is metered by the fuel injectors or the jets in your carburetor and if they aren’t flowing the way they were designed to, air-fuel ratios will be thrown off.

Air fuel ratios are one of the most important aspects to the way your bike runs.  Your engine will run with an air-fuel ratio anywhere between about 9:1 and 20:1 but just because it runs doesn’t mean it’s good for it!  A low air-fuel ratio means your engine is running rich with too much fuel.  Excess fuel can foul spark plugs but it can also wash the cylinder walls causing excessive wear and contaminate your engine oil.  On the other hand, a lean air-fuel ratio will cause excess heat and can even cause detonation damaging your pistons or cylinder head.

How often Should I use Fuel Injector or Carburator Cleaner?

In either case, this problem can be avoided by simply keeping your fuel system clean.  If you ride your bike often, at least once a week we only recommend using fuel injector or carburetor cleaner once every oil change.  If your bike sits a lot we recommend using fuel injector or carburetor cleaner at least twice per year and anytime you notice a decrease in performance or signs of a rich or lean running motor.

For ease of use, PJ1 offers 1 solution for all gasoline powered bikes.  Pj1 Fuel Injector & Carburator Cleaner will clean your carburetor or fuel injectors while you ride to restore performance and keep your engine running safely.  It’s safe to use with leaded, unleaded, and oxygenated fuels and doesn’t contain any alcohol so you can leave it in your tank without damaging any seals or your fuel.

Photo by Leonanta Pramudya Kusuma on Unsplash