The Best Fuel Injector Cleaner You Need to Use on Your Motorcycle

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The simple act of adding a fuel injector cleaner to your gas tank can help increase your bike’s longevity. This type of cleaner is more important to keep up with on a motorbike versus a car. The benefits of adding a fuel injector cleaner to your bike include reducing the possibility of knock, maintaining appropriate fuel pressure, and improving engine balance. Without it, your bike engine performance and fuel efficiency can decline. Adding PJ1 Fuel Injector & Carburetor Cleaner on a regular basis can help keep your bike in like-new condition. Continue reading to learn more about the best fuel injector cleaner on the market! 

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Top 3 Benefits of PJ1’s Fuel Injector Cleaner 

Fuel Injector Cleaner vs. Carburetor Cleaner 

Whether your bike is fuel injected or carbureted, the goal of both cleaners is the same: To mix the right amount of fuel with the air getting sucked into the motor. This fuel is metered by the fuel injectors or the jets in your carburetor and if they aren’t flowing the way they were designed to, it can throw off your air-fuel ratios. 

If you ride your bike at least once a week we only recommend using a fuel injector or carburetor cleaner once every oil change. If your bike sits a lot, we recommend using a fuel injector or carburetor cleaner at least twice per year and anytime you notice a decrease in performance or signs of a rich or lean running motor. 

1. Reduces the Possibility of Knock 

One of the biggest benefits of keeping your fuel injectors clean is to reduce the possibility of “knock.”  Knock, or pre-ignition is when the air/fuel mixture detonates before the spark ignites it. Knocking can cause severe engine damage and happens if you don’t have the right air-fuel mixture.  

A dirty fuel injector can have poor atomization, which in severe cases can cause knocking itself, but more often leads to an incomplete burn and a dirty combustion chamber. A dirty combustion chamber increases the compression ratio, which can also lead to knocking and engine damage. You can reduce the possibility of knock by keeping your fuel injectors clean! 

2. Maintains Appropriate Fuel Pressure 

Your bike’s fuel injection system runs off the assumption that fuel pressure is constant, usually 35-50 PSI. If fuel pressure changes drastically it will affect the motor’s ability to run correctly. Low fuel pressure can lead to a lean condition, which can cause extremely high cylinder temperatures and possible damage. Using fuel injector cleaning agents can reduce deposits in the fuel system as well as helping keep fuel pressure constant. 

3. Improves Engine Balance 

Lastly, clean fuel injectors lead to a balanced engine. If each injector delivers the same amount of fuel, your engine will run smoothly. If an injector is clogged and delivers less fuel, your engine’s computer will increase fueling in the other cylinders, which can lead to an imbalance. Aside from heat build-up, this also creates a motor that won’t idle well and causes vibrations, which can shorten the life of your motor. 

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Motorcycle engines are lightweight, high-performance motors that are built to run at the edge. This extra performance increases responsiveness and the power to weight ratio of your motorcycle, but it also makes your engine more prone to issues from lack of maintenance. If you let your motorcycle sit for the winter, it’s even more important to make sure your fuel system is working properly! 

For this, we recommend using PJ1 Fuel Injector & Carburetor Cleaner for every oil change or at least once per year, but you can use it as often as every fill-up to really keep things right! 

6 responses to “The Best Fuel Injector Cleaner You Need to Use on Your Motorcycle

  1. just after some advice i put fuel injector cleaner in my tank about 30ml it’s a suzuki 650sv now my bike is running shit i filled the tank as it said now it’s over heating and going down in gears it just wants to stop real fast should i dump the fuel and refill?

    1. Desmond-

      Based on your description, the most likely scenario is that the fuel pump is failing. A faulty fuel pump would explain both the overheating issue and the stalling out of the engine. The fuel tank will need to be removed to access the fuel pump.

      Thank you!


  2. Currently cleaning up a varnished fuel tank and possibly the injectors too. Had some varnish build up loosen up and turn my gas black. Could have been the octane booster or the fuel stabilizer or a mix of both but when this happened my bike just died. Probably bummed up the fuel filter. Just be aware of this is using a fuel stabalizer or injected cleaner. It could loosen a lot of built up stuff in the process .

  3. So, should you use stabalizer always and pj1 every oil change? I ride almost every weekend my hyosung gv650 carb, I change oil every 2000mls, I am using stabalizer now and when I start it and sturt driving I get knocking a few times and then it runs fine and a little hot, any idea?

    1. Kl55787-

      If you are currently using an oil stabilizer, it would be a good idea to stick with it when changing the oil. The knocking sound could just be a sign of low oil. If it is something that happens every time you start your motorcycle, it would be worth having it inspected by your local mechanic.

      Thank you!


      1. I am a certified mechanic, and a little save on bikes, I asked about your product to clean the system, it’s pre ignition that has occurred twice, so my idea is to clean the system, I also could be developing humidity since I live in an island. I will try your product and get back to you!

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