What is the Best Chain Wax?

chain waxWhat is the best chain wax wasn’t really a wax at all?  To understand why chain wax may not be the best choice of your bike, let’s look at what you’re trying to accomplish

Why lubricate your motorcycle chain?

  • Reduced friction for more power to the ground!
  • Reduced chain stretching
  • Reduced wear on your sprockets
  • Reduced noise

The chain on your motorcycle, like any mechanical device creates friction when it moves.  Friction creates heat, noise, inefficiencies, and always destroys anything it affects. The goal of chain lubrication is the reduce friction and along with it, these inefficiencies and destruction.

So why not just poor a little 10-W40 on your chain and head out for a ride?

The chain on your bike requires special lubrication that keeps things running smoothly but also isn’t flung off as the chain rounds the small sprockets and doesn’t attract dirt since it operates outside of any shields or cases.

The benefit of PJ1 Heavy Duty Black Label Chain Lube is that it accomplishes both of these tasks without messy applications or having to constantly reapply.  Unlike traditional chain wax that hardens and cracks over time, PJ1 Heavy Duty Black Label Chain Lube is a petroleum-based lubricate just like the oil used in your engine so it provides maximum friction resistance and protection for your chain while still being tacky enough to not fly off at high speeds.

PJ1 Heavy Duty Black Label Chain Lube repels water which aids in keeping your chain clean and free of corrosion and is safe to use on O-ring chains.  Using PJ1 Heavy Duty Black Label Chain Lube is so effective at reducing friction it can reduce the frequency of chain adjustments your bike needs because your chain won’t stretch as quickly because the pins and rollers will be properly lubricated.

How often should I lubricate my bike chain?

We recommend lubricating your motorcycle chain about every 500 miles for a street bike, or every ride if you’re riding in dirt.  Lubricating your chain is much simpler and much less expensive than changing your chain and sprockets and will make your rides more enjoyable as they will be smoother and quieter.  You really can’t over-lube a motorcycle chain so get out there and protect your bike’s chain!

When you’re ready for the best lubrication for your motorcycle chain, pick up a can of PJ1 Heavy Duty Black Label Chain Lube in our convenient 5oz size or for protection for the whole riding season grab our 13oz can!

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