What Should My 2 Stroke Oil Mix Be?

2 stroke oil mix, gas canThere is only one way to determine what your 2 stoke oil mix should be for your bike.  Check with your manufacturer! There is no way to look at your bike or it’s motor and tell how much oil you need to mix in.  Luckily the folks who designed and built your bike designed it to work specifically with a certain 2 stroke oil mix. The design of the carburetor, the clearances in the engine and other factors all contribute to how much oil you should use.

Can I use too much oil?

The short answer is yes, but the consequences of mixing in too high of a ratio of 2 stoke oil are much less than mixing in too light oil.  Unlike a 4 stroke engine, the only lubrication your engine gets is from the oil mixed in the gasoline. Like any engine, too little oil can quickly cause scoring and damage to the moving components inside.  Too much oil mixed in the gasoline can gum up your carburetor and cause combustion problems, but those problems can be fixed very easily.

What 2 stroke oil should I use?

The oil in any engine determines not only how it works, but how long it will work properly.  In a 2 stroke engine, the oil you use is even more important. Since the oil is entrained in the gasoline it will also affect combustion.  The right oil can keep your spark plug from fouling and can reduce deposits in the combustion chamber keeping things running efficiently. Also, using extremely thick oil can cause a significant amount of drag in the engine reducing the maximum power the engine can produce and reducing engine RPM.  PJ1 Goldfire Pro Premix is the best 2 stroke oil you can get for your motorcycle.  PJ1 Goldfire Pro is specifically designed for serious racers that require maximum power from their motor and still want the best protection.

PJ1 Goldfire Pro Premix offers maximum projection even at higher temperatures during the race and will also inhibit rust and oxidation that can form while your bike sits waiting for the next race.  Using PJ1 Goldfire Pro Premix on a regular basis will also prevent sludge build-up and varnish formation in your carburetor and motor.  

What is the best way to mix the oil and gasoline?

PJ1 Goldfire Pro Premix in the right ratio will keep your engine running right for a long time.  Getting the ratio correct, like any job, requires the right tools and some simple math. The right tools can be anything from a simple glass kitchen measuring cup to a specifically designed mixing container.  The key is to make sure you’ve got a clean container, the right oil and know your mixture! 

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