Is Oil Injection Better than Premix?

oil injection, motorcycle gas tank2 stroke motors, like any other need oil to continue running.  4 Stroke engines keep circulating the same oil through the crankcase while a 2 stoke motor mixes the oil with the gasoline and uses that to lubricate the engine.  In some 2 stroke engines, you have to mix the oil and gasoline in the gas take while other 2 stroke motors mix the oil and gasoline as it enters the engine.

Each oiling system works differently to accomplish the same goals and naturally, there are benefits to each.

Benefits of Oil Injection

The main goal of oil injection is to keep things simple for the operator.  Mixing gasoline and oil before you pour it in the tank is messy and can easily be mixed too strong or too weak.  With an oil injection system, the oil is automatically metered in with the gas.  Not only do you not have to worry about the correct mixture, but you also don’t have to mix the gas and oil you simply put each in its own tank and allow the system to do its job.

Besides keeping the mess down and the guesswork out of the mixture you often only have to fill your oil tank every 2-3 tanks of gas saving you time.  Oil injection systems allow you to run premium oils that can reduce wear and smoke.

Benefit of Premix

Premixing your oil and gas for your engine can seem tedious but it gives you complete control over the mixture if you have the right equipment and work carefully.  An oil injection system meters oil automatically but there is no way to tell for sure how much oil is getting mixed in, you just have to see how to engine runs, check your plugs and hope for the best.  If you choose to premix your oil you can still use some of the best oils like Silverfire Smokeless 2T Injector Oil.  While Silverfire Smokeless 2t Injector Oil can be run in your oil injection system, it can also be premixed into your gasoline at the correct ratio for your motor.

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4 responses to “Is Oil Injection Better than Premix?

  1. thank you so much for writing this as i just bought a 2021 brand new bets 250rr with oil injection and in nowhere does it tell me how often I need to chance the 2 stroke oil in it . now i know every 2 or 3 tanks I will have to add it in!!!

  2. I will say right up front the article is brief. it doesnt really cover the real reason manufactures sell their products with oil injection. make no mistake the parts needed add up fast. tank, tank low warning or level indicator, oil pump.pulleys to drive oil pump. belt to drive pump. extra cable from throttle to VARY RATIO OF INJECTION. And that is an incomplete list. its quite the expense they surely would like to leave out so sale price could be cheaper. I think the parts are used because they WANT the engine to last. and injection system can add oil at a ratio of 200/1 at idle and 20/1 at full throttle. I dont know about you but I want that on my 2T. I see ZERO worthwhile reason to remove such a system to only have to mix yourself everytime you get fuel.

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