How to Fight Goggle Fog

goggle fogThe weather is perfect, the sun is shining, the views are awesome.  Have you ever been loving your ride and something goes wrong? Maybe your levers get sticky, you get a flat tire or you’re gear malfunctions.  The proper riding attire always ads to the riding experience, but it is also a significant safety concern.  You hope to never use any of the safety features of your clothing, but you need to be prepared.

While padding and rash protection is a huge part of your safety gear’s job, visibility is what helps keep you out of some of the sticky situations you might need the rest of your gear for.  Whether it’s a full-face helmet or a pair of goggles their goal is to keep dust and bugs out of your eyes so you can keep them wide open.

Goggle fog is the quickest way to lose visibility and get yourself into a tight fix.  If you’re on your dirt bike traveling at 25 MPH on the trail you can cover 50 to 100 ft before your helmet fog clears up on your next breath.  On your street bike on the highway that same fog can leave you covering the distance of a football field as good as blindfolded.

Goggle fog is something that tear aways can’t fix and weather and humidity can always affect.  Goggle fog occurs from moisture from the air, your breath, or sweat condenses on the inside of your lense.  Once the fog starts, it’s almost impossible to get it go away. You can stop and wipe it out but it will come right back.  

The best way to stop goggle fog is to treat your lense before you start out on your epic ride!  While some defogging agents may help under certain conditions or for the first 15 minutes of your ride, PJ1 Fog Blocker is a specially formulated defogging agent that will keep the moisture from condensing on the lens of your goggle or helmet.  No fog means a safe and run ride!