How to Fight Goggle Fog While Riding a Motorbike

Person with helmet and goggles on riding a dirt bike.

Fogging goggles or helmet visors are a real problem for motorbike riders. Whether you’re a serious racer or you’re just out for a cruise, visibility is paramount. For example, did you know that you can traverse more than 100 feet in a single second while traveling at highway speeds? In the time it takes you to flip up your visor to see better, you’ve traveled about the distance of two semi-truck trailers. Because visibility so important, it’s smart to do everything you can to fight fogging in your pair of goggles or face shield. Read on to learn about how to fight goggle fog with PJ1’s Fog Blocker! 

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What Causes Goggle Fog? 

The proper riding attire always adds to the riding experience, but it can also be a significant safety concern. Whether it’s a full-face helmet or a pair of goggles their goal is to keep dust and bugs out of your eyes so you can keep them wide open. However, just like mixing too much sugar in your lemonade will leave some undissolved sugar at the bottom of the glass, too much moisture in the air between your face and your face shield leaves that moisture to condense, decreasing visibility. 

What is Goggle De-Fog? 

If you ride on the track often you most likely have tear-offs for your goggles to keep the outside clean and streak-free. But, what about the inside? Goggle defog is the best product to use to help prevent fog and keep the inside of your goggles clean. This anti-fog solution is a chemical that helps keep your sweat and breath from condensing on the inside of your goggles or face shield. The best anti-fog products coat the inside of your goggles or face shield with a thin layer of transparent liquid. This keeps the moisture from condensing on the lens so you can see perfectly.   

What’s the Best Anti-Fog Spray? 

The best way to stop goggle fog is to treat your lens before you begin your epic ride! While some defogging sprays or coatings may help under certain conditions or for the first 15 minutes of your ride, PJ1 Fog Blocker is a specially formulated defogging agent that will keep the moisture from condensing on the lens of your goggle or helmet. No fog means a safe and run ride! 

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Now that you know how to fight goggle fog, it’s time to act. Keep your goggles fog-free with PJ1 Fog Blocker! This anti-fog spray is a long-term solution for goggle fog when used as directed. Our easy, spray-on, wipe-off formula enhances visibility even under the most extreme conditions and is recommended for use on goggles and face shields as well as glasses and mirrors.  

Say goodbye to foggy goggles and hello to a safe ride every time with PJ1 Fog Blocker! 

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