What are the Benefits of a Good 2 Stroke Engine Oil?

2 stroke engine oil

2 stroke engine oil does not pump through your engine to lubricate the bearings and 2 stroke engines don’t have camshafts so it can be tempting to think it really doesn’t matter what kind of oil you use.  If you’ve had this thought, go take a look at your bike and remember how wonderful it is.  Then keep reading to understand the benefits of a good 2 stroke engine oil.

Benefits of a Good 2 Stroke Engine Oil

  • Low smoke
  • Good piston ring lubrication
  • No carbon deposits
  • Longer crankshaft life
  • Higher power

While a little smoke used to have been some of the allure of a 2 stroke engine, we now know you can have long engine life without the smoke.  One way some manufacturers reduce smoke is by reducing the lubricating ability of the oil so make sure you pick a good smokeless 2 stroke oil like PJ1 Silverfire Smokeless 2T Premix Oil.  PJ1 2T oil is a low ash formula but still has a high film strength for lubrication.

Poor 2 stroke engine oil can cause sticking piston rings greatly increasing wear and possibly necessitating an engine rebuild.  A good 2 stroke oil will prevent this.  This is such an important part of a good oil that it’s part of the test oil must pass to be rated TC-W3.

Since 2 stroke oil is burnt in the combustion chamber of your motor along with the fuel it can leave behind deposits if it doesn’t burn cleanly or disrupts the fuel from burning properly.  These carbon deposits can rob your engine of power and can be very difficult to clean once they’re there.

Your 2 stroke motor may not have as many things to lubricate as a 4 stroke motor but it still needs lubrication at the crankshaft and wrist pins.  Using a bad 2 stroke oil can lead to accelerated wear at these surfaces leading to rod knock or an engine rebuild sooner than if you used a good oil.

Lastly, a good 2 stroke engine oil will lead to higher engine output.  This is due to the increased lubrication properties, the lack of carbon build-up and it’s ability to facilitate a clean and efficient burn.  Using a good 2 stroke oil will pay dividends today and for as long as you own your bike!

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Photo by Claudio Pecci on Unsplash