Motorcycle Motor Cleaner

motorcycle motorKeeping your bike clean is something we all do.  Your motorcycle is a vehicle to get you from A to B but it’s also a work of art.  No matter how utilitarian your bike was designed to be, it looks awesome and deserves to be kept clean.  Now we all know it’s important to wash your whole bike but it’s important to give a little extra attention to the motor.  After all, without the motor, you’ve just got a really heavy scooter.

And let’s be honest, if your bike is a work of art, the motor is the focal point.  Whether it’s the killer fins on your air-cooled V-twin or the titanium headers on your 15,000 RPM screamer keeping this shiny and clean is the best way to show off your bike and honor the ones who built it.

Keeping your motorcycle motor clean is a difficult task so we’ve put together a few tips to help keep you on the right track.

Motorcycle Motor Cleaning Tips

  1. Keep it leak-free
  2. Don’t get any silicone on it
  3. Avoid the middle of the road
  4. Use the right cleaners the right way

A leak motor always attracts more dirt and dust so keeping your motor from leaking is one of the best ways to keep it clean.  That includes oil leaks, coolant leaks, and fuel leaks.  Anything wet on your motor at all will attract dirt and as your motor heats up will allow it to bake on.

It can be easy to get silicone overspray on your motor while you are detailing other parts of your bike like the seat or tires so be sure to cover your motor or use a wipe on the detailing agents.  Overspray on your motor will attract dust even more quickly than an oil leak will!

When you’re out riding where you choose to be in the lane is a complicated choice.  If you ride too close to the middle line you can end up leaning over into oncoming traffic on sharp curves.  If you ride outside you could hit gravel or road debris.  If you ride in the middle you’re going to be riding right where other cars have been dripping oil.  Avoiding the middle of the road can help keep your front tire from picking up oil and spraying it onto your motor but it can also help you from hitting slick pavement especially as you approach a stoplight or stop sign.

No matter how hard you try, your motor is going to get dirty, unless your bike is in a museum.  Washing it when you wash your bike is a great start but due to the high temperatures, your motor often needs a little more power to get it cleaned.  PJ1 Super Cleaner is a powerful cleaning agent to remove oil and dirt but it also comes with a high-pressure blasting spray to help dislodge even the most stubborn or burnt on grime from your motor.  It also comes with an ozone-safe propellant that is California compliant!  Use PJ1 Super Cleaner as the final stop and best motorcycle motor cleaner to keep your bike looking ready for the show.

Photo by Vlad Hilitanu on Unsplash