How to use Motorcycle Chain Lube

motorcycle chain lube, motorcycle chainThere is a right and wrong way to use motorcycle chain lube.  Using chain lube the right way can keep your chain and sprockets in good condition for a long time giving you a quiet ride and less maintenance.  Using chain lube the wrong way will lead to noise, added expense, and a mess.

There are 2 keys to using Motorcycle Chain Lube

  1. Use it under the right conditions 
  2. Use the right amount

Like any lubricant, motorcycle chain lube is designed to work best under a certain set of circumstances.  Also like most lubricants, motorcycle chain lube is designed to work when it’s warm because the thing it’s lubricating gets hot due to friction.

It’s this simple fact that means you have to apply your motorcycle chain when the chain is warm.  While this may be something you learned on your first bike, it’s important to know that it also helps to make sure your chain lube is warm as well.  Usually, there isn’t enough heat in the chain to warm up the lubricant enough to allow it to penetrate into the chain so you need both a warm chain and warm lubricant.  On most days, leaving your can of chain lube in the sun for a few hours will get it hot enough.  We at PJ1 recommend having PJ1 Blue Label Chain Lube between 75 and 90 degrees before you spray it on your warm chain.

Like anything, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.  It can be tempting to load as much motorcycle chain lube on as you can but that can often leave such a thick residue on the chain that it will sling off when you ride.  While chain lube is great for your chain it can damage surfaces and finishes and is really just a pain to clean up.

At PJ1 we recommend only applying the lube to the inside of the chain where the rollers meet the links on both side plates.  Do this for 2 revolutions of the chain then wipe off any excess.  PJ1 Blue Label Chain Lube is designed not to fly off after it’s applied which keeps the mess down and saves the finish on your wheel and rear fenders.

PJ1 Blue Label Chain Lube will protect your chain from corrosion and water while extending the life of the o-rings.  It also has superior lubrication abilities which will extend the life of your chain and sprockets while reducing the number of adjustments you need to make.  Visit our PJ1 Dealer page to find a dealer near you!

Photo by Conor Luddy on Unsplash