How to Use Leather Protector

leather protectorProtecting the leather on your motorcycle is one of the best ways to keep your bike’s value high.  Leather protector can keep those unsightly creases from forming but more importantly, it can keep leather from tearing along its seams.

These days it can be pretty difficult to tell if you’ve got leather or vinyl on your bike.  If you bought your bike new, checking the original sales receipt or option list should be able to tell you what you’ve got.  Leather is often a more expensive option but that means it is also more expensive to replace if it gets damaged so it’s even more important to protect. 

If you don’t have the original equipment information then you can take to examining the material to see if you can tell.  Even extremely old leather often still carries it’s a signature scent so a quick sniff could be a good place to start.  If you don’t know what you’re smelling for, head to your local leather jacket outlet or rider’s gear store and do some investigating.  The other thing to look for is the grain of the material.  Since vinyl is man-made it is often too perfect if you look closely.  For more ideas on how to tell the difference between vinyl and leather check out these 5 tips.

It’s important to protect the soft materials on your bike whether they are leather, vinyl, or even plastic or rubber.  All soft materials have natural compounds in them that help keep them malleable.  Over time these compounds will leave the material and leave it brittle.  It’s important to replenish the oils that keep your leather soft from time to time otherwise it will start to crease, crack, and eventually tear.

When it comes to leather protector, there are a few different ways it can work.  Some protectants are all about the shine so it looks great after you’ve applied the product.  While this can look great at the show, often that shine is accomplished with harsh cleaning solvents and petroleum products.  Not only does this leave your leather feeling greasy but as the solvents and petroleum evaporate they actually remove the compounds that keep your leather in good condition which is one step forward and 2 steps back.  Other leather protectors use plasticizers which usually only really works on synthetic materials and will never penetrate your leather really conditioning it.

The best way to protect your leather is to use PJ1 ReNew & Pro•tect. PJ1 ReNew and Pro•tect penetrates and protects your leather while leaving no oily residue.  It leaves out all the nasty stuff we just mentioned and you can tell because it is water-soluble!  It is still powerful enough to renew your leather and protect it from UV rays, smog, and the elements so you can ride your bike all you want without the worry of damaging it or lowering it’s value.  Try PJ1 ReNew and Pro•tect today!

Photo by Fabio Spinelli on Unsplash