Winter Riding Tips

winter ridingIf you’re a hardcore rider, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, you’ll find a day nice enough to ride.  For some of us that means sunny and 70+ degrees but for many of us, the fun of riding is never outweighed by bad weather.  For those of you who will ride no matter what the weather, we’ve got some tips to make your ride as comfortable and safe as it can be.

Winter riding is always the most dangerous if the roads are wet.  Whether it’s rain or melted snow, wet roads make it more dangerous to stop and turn especially at high speeds.  If you have the option we recommend a tire that has more tread grooves to help channel the water away when riding.  It’s also important to remember to ride where car tires have dried the road out.  This is especially important at stoplights as many cars will leak oil into the middle of the road which can make the blacktop extremely slippery.  Even if you find dry roads, be sure to watch out for salt and sand left behind by snowplows in the corners and when coming to a stop.

Besides being aware of road conditions you can make some modifications to your bike and gear to help keep you comfortable.  If your bike has a windshield or a larger windshield as an option, now is the time to install it.  If you’ve got the option for front fairings, use them.  When it comes to riding gear, anything waterproof will also be windproof helping to keep you warm.  Options like leather or gore-tex are a smart choice.  You may even consider neoprene gloves or rain gear.

The most important part of your riding gear is always your helmet.  If you like the look and feel of a helmet without a face shield, this might be the time of year to trade up to a full-face helmet.  These are not only more secure on your head, they will keep you warmer and will help quiet down your ride.  The only trouble with a full-face helmet is that in the winter they tend to fog up.  Lifting the visor can help with this but certainly, make for a cold ride.  

The best solution to keep you warm and fog-free is to use PJ1 Fog Blocker on your visor.  PJ1 Fog Blocker is an easy spray on, wipe off formula that will keep fog from forming on the inside and outside of your visor keeping your face warm and your visibility up.  For added safety and comfort try PJ1 Fog Blocker on your windshield and mirrors as well!

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash