What’s the Best Defog for my Helmet or Goggles

Fogging goggles or helmet visors is a real problem for every rider.  Whether you are a serious racer whose life and livelihood depend on your ability to see well and make split-second decisions or you’re just out for a cruise or easy trail ride, visibility is paramount.

If you’re a road rider do you know that you can over 100 feet in 1 second if you’re traveling at highway speeds?  That means in the time it takes you to flip up your visor to see better you’ve traveled about the distance of 2 semi-truck trailers.  Similarly, if you’re on the track and have foggy goggles you quickly lose depth perception making it almost impossible to judge your takeoff speed for the next jump or how hard you need to brake going into a corner.

With visibility so important, it’s smart to do everything you can to increase visibility.  If you ride on the track often you most likely have tear-offs for your goggles to keep the outsides clean and streak-free.  To help keep the inside streak free the best thing to use is goggle defog.  We all remember being a kid and spitting into our swim goggles at our friend’s pool or at the lake to help us see better underwater, but don’t try this on your riding goggles or helmet shield.

Goggle Defog is a chemical that helps keep your sweat and breath from condensing on the inside of your goggles or face shield.  The moisture created from evaporating sweat or the moisture in your breath eventually will saturate the air inside your goggles.  Just like mixing too much sugar in your lemonade will leave some undissolved sugar at the bottom of the glass, too much moisture in the air between your face and your face shield leaves that moisture needing a place to condense.  The best defog coats the inside of your goggles of face shield with a thin layer of completely transparent liquid.  This keeps the moisture from condensing on the lens so you can see perfectly.  

PJ1 Fog Blocker can accomplish this exact task on your goggles or helmet visor to make sure you can see perfectly no matter how hard you’re riding or how hot a day it is.  PJ1 Fog Blocker is so good at keeping water from condensing on hard surfaces that we recommend it for windshields, mirrors, and glasses as well!  No matter what you’re trying to keep cleaner, PJ1 Fog Blocker is the best defog you can get!

Its powerful defogging agent can also be used as a glass cleaner so there is no need to completely clean your goggles or glasses before you apply. Simply spray on a fine mist and wipe clean with a lint-free cloth.  If your lens is extremely dirty, you may need to apply PJ1 Fog Blocker multiple times and wipe clean until the lens is perfectly clear and easy to see through.  Stay safe and ride with perfect visibility using PJ1 Fog Blocker!

Photo by viklundvisuals on Unsplash