What’s the Best Wet Clutch Motorcycle Oil?

Motorcycles differ from cars in more ways than just the number of wheels they have. There are major differences in technology and mechanics, too. One of the key differences between bikes and cars and is wet clutches and single lubricants. The use of a wet clutch and the added complication of needing a single lubricant that can take care of your engine and transmission makes the type of oil you choose very important. If you’ve ever changed the oil in a manual transmission, then you know gear oil and engine oil are two very different fluids. Finding one oil that can do both jobs is tricky enough, but you also need to consider something that will allow your clutch to work properly without too much wear, but with enough friction to actually grab. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the best wet clutch motorcycle oil, as well as suggest some PJ1 Products to fit your motorcycle needs! 

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Everything You Need to Know About Wet Clutch Motorcycle Oil & Why It’s Important 

How It Works 

Motorcycles require less power to go fast due to their low weight, so there are usually smaller engine displacements. Small displacement usually means small pistons, which can encourage screaming high redlines. Also, the engine and transmission need to come in a pretty small package to fit neatly into the tiny frame of a bike. This small packaging for the drivetrain leads to one of the key differences between bikes and cars — wet clutches and single lubricants.   

To learn a bit more about wet clutches, check out this article outlining the differences between wet and dry clutches.   

The Risks 

Using an oil not rated for a motorcycle can cause your clutch to act unpredictably or wear out very quickly due to slipping. Similarly, using too light an oil can cause transmission wear, and using too heavy of oil can cause cam wear or piston scuffing. 

So, What is the Best Oil for a Wet Clutch? 

PJ1 Silverfire 4T Motorcycle Oil 

PJ1 Silverfire 4T Motorcycle Oil is recommended for motorcycles requiring 10W-30, 10W-40, 20W-40, or 20W50 and will provide excellent lubrication for both your engine and transmission. PJ1 Silverfire 4T Motorcycle Oil also has special dispersants that help control wear products from your wet clutch to keep your oil, lubricating, and rotating components clean between oil changes. 

Our wet clutch motorcycle oil also contains a perfect blend of detergents that can clean up sludge and deposits left behind by secondrate oils.  With your engine and transmission cleaned up, the corrosion inhibitors and anti-wear additives will keep your engine running smoothly for miles to come!

6 responses to “What’s the Best Wet Clutch Motorcycle Oil?

  1. I have a 2007 meanstreak, when it’s parked the clutch is stuck, I’ve owned 03,06,and presently an 07, only 4000 miles on it, the others never had this problem, all of them used mobil 1 motorcycle oil, I did use lucas motorcycle oil in it once, then back to mobil 1, after it warms up when I jam it into gear and ride off,it will come loose and work properly, any ideas?
    Guess I’m wondering with a wet sump clutch if the oils I used has screwd it up!

    1. William-

      You may be right. Lucas, in particular, recommends adding the Lucas every time you change the oil, as it affects the viscosity of the oil moving forward. Based on your description, Flushing the oil system and filling with compatible oil should fix the problem.

      Thank you!


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