Q: What is the difference between PJ1 Blue Label and PJ1 Black Label Chain Lubes?

While either lube is compatible with either type of motorcycle chain, each are specially optimized for a specific type of chain.

PJ1 Blue Label is designed for “O” Ring chains. The “O” ring chains have a factory-sealed lubrication in the pins and rollers that are kept intact by the “O”ring for the life of the chain. The primary need for lubrication is outside of the “O”ring such as between the outside of the rollers and the sprockets and the side plates.

PJ1 Black Label is designed for standard non-”O”ring chains. PJ1 Black Label has a foaming action that penetrates pins and rollers as well as lubricating the rollers, sprocket and side plates. After penetrating the inside of the chain, PJ1 Black Label chain lube becomes a sticky lubricant that bounces back or has a “memory” effect that withstands the continual mechanical stress of the chain.

Q: What can I use to clean up the chain lube?

We recommend PJ1 Super Cleaner. It has high pressure delivery and evaporates quickly leaving everything clean.

Q: Is PJ1 Spray and Wash safe for aluminum?

Yes. It is a degreaser designed to remove grease, oil, etc. and will not harm aluminum. It rinses clean, has a pleasant fragrance and does not leave a film.