What Should I Use as a Motorcycle Air Filter Cleaner?

air filter, motorcycle air filter cleanerCleaning your motorcycle air filter regularly is something you should do regularly to keep your bike running the way it should.  Having clean air that your engine can breathe easily is the goal of any good air filter. Most motorcycles use an oiled air filter because they can make it easier for the engine to draw in air but they also can be highly effective at removing dirt and particles from the intake air.

The downside to oiled air filters is that they need to be regularly cleaned and oil to work efficiently.  Oiled air filters are efficient because they generally use larger weave or have bigger holes in the filter mesh or foam allowing air to pass more easily.  To make sure the filter also doesn’t allow contamination into the combustion chamber, the filter material is oiled so the filter can also capture the smaller particles before they pass through.  Periodically, the dirt captured in the oil needs to be cleaned to keep the filter working efficiently.

The best way to clean the contamination out of your air filter is to remove the oil that the dirt is embedded in.  A good motorcycle air filter cleaner can quickly and completely dissolve the oil in the filter so it can be washed out and the dirt along with it.  The downside to extremely strong solvents is that they can damage the filter media and the glue that holds things together.

The best motorcycle air filter cleaner balances powerful cleaning ability to dissolve the filter oil without damaging the filter.  An added benefit is a cleaner that works quickly and doesn’t require long soaking. PJ1 Air Filter Cleaner is this perfect balance of cleaning power that won’t damage your filter.  It’s a simple spray on, wash off formula that doesn’t require you to use any other solvents.

How Often Should I Clean My Motorcycle Air Filter?

Depending on how often you ride your motorcycle and the environment in which you use it, your filter should be cleaned anywhere between every ride up to 10,000 miles.  Most dirt bike air filters should be cleaned at least every other ride while other bikes may be able to go much longer. Our recommendation is to visually inspect your air filter every ride for 10 rides and observe how quickly it gets dirty.  Once you’ve got an idea of how your filter gets dirty you can set a schedule that is best for you and your bike.

With PJ1 Air Filter Cleaner, it only takes 15 minutes to clean your air filter.  Quickly spray it on, let it sit for 15 minutes and wash it off. Since cleaning is so easy and since a clean air filter helps your bike run better, we recommend cleaning your air filter as often as possible!

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