How Do I Pick the Best 2 Stroke Oil

best 2 stroke oil, 2 stroke dirt bikePicking the best 2 stroke oil can be a tricky task.  For the twice a year rider, you might think the right oil doesn’t matter.  Similarly, if you’re a track warrior who knows how to send it you might think engine rebuilds are inevitable so fancy oil does really help either.

No matter your riding style or frequency the right oil can make a big difference in your performance and longevity of your bike.  If you ride infrequently, a great oil is of great importance.  As your bike sits for long stints in between rides it’s important to help protect the metal inside your motor from corrosion.  In a 4 stroke motor, regular oil changes are a great way to keep corrosion down.  Clean oil in a 4 stroke motor reduces corrosion by reducing the presence of sulfuric acid.  

In a 2 stroke motor, the equivalent is using a high quality 2 stroke oil.  Quality oils bring two things to the table.  First, a high-quality oil has the right surface tension and adhesion to leave a film on the inside of your motor after shutdown.  This oil film will help keep corrosion down on the inside of your motor.  Similarly, the right additives help reduce corrosion during use and idle times.

On the other hand, if you are a racer engine rebuilds might have become the norm.  Long term high RPM running can wear piston rings out and increase clearance quickly.  Also, the best way to make sure your engine is running at peak performance is a quick refresh to make sure all the tolerances are in spec and working correctly.

Besides reducing engine wear, the best 2 stroke oils can actually increase horsepower!  PJ1 Goldfire Pro 2T Racing Oil is specially designed to produce less drag in your motor free up more power to turn your rear wheel.  In a 2 stroke motor the fuel/oil mixture gets drawn into the cylinder for combustion through the crankcase so it has the opportunity to lubricate the crankshaft and cylinder walls.  A good 2 stroke oil will have enough viscosity to provide lubrication but will be light enough to not cause a bunch of drag on your motor.

Lastly, since the oil gets burned in the combustion chamber along with the fuel it needs to be something that doesn’t create a lot of ash or soot while burning.  If you use a poor quality 2T oil it can leave deposits on your piston and spark plug reducing engine efficiency and robbing you of power.

Whether you are a racer, a weekend warrior or someone who wishes they got on their bike more often, PJ1 Goldfire 2T Racing Oil is the best option for your bike!

Photo by Taras Chernus on Unsplash